Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear friends , we won the election :) .. Thank you for your support . Now the journey begins to bring a change to UTP . All the 5 of us will work together to achieve the common goals and improve the welfare of UTPianz. And to Ashraf , your ideas will be in our agenda too, my friend. I really would like to thank my fan club for the effort they put in. Also my nominators for their dedication.

The coming year will see a lot of improvements with this new team and we will strive for Unity through Diversity.

More updates soon ..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Campaign poster and voting guidelines


To vote , there are several important guidelines. Please kindly abide by these guidelines to assure that your votes will be valid.

  1. Please bring your matric card along
  2. When you vote make sure it is crossed (X) at the box along side the candidates' name
  3. For the vote to be valid you have to vote 5 candidates out of the six. So please do vote the other four also whom you feel really deserve the vote. If you don't cross five candidates, the vote is considered invalid and will be rejected. This is really crucial because every vote counts.

Introduction Night - Manifesto

Hi again folks :)

Last night , my manifesto went quite well. I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone who came to support me. I know many could not make it due to other commitments , but I am happy to know that you are supporting me. All the candidates delivered well. Everyone sounded confident in their manifestos and some pointed out good ideas.

Here are some of the points that i touched on:

  • Integration among all races in UTP ( domination of certain groups and races in clubs whereby not all that are deserving are getting a chance polish their talents)
  • Closing the Gap between the students and MPPUTP( making this body proactive in solving the welfare issues by collaborating with UTP Alumni)
  • Increasing Intellectual Sensitivity among UTP students ( Petronas related Policies such as CM , Marriage Policy - approach is to not only depend on MPPUTP to alone solve but to work together with influenced organizations such as the ALUMNI as they are graduated students who are already in the working field with experience. Knowledgeable Forums with renowned people like Nicol David )
Interesting Quote and Question during Q&A :
"Of the 6 candidates who would you choose to become the President?"
" You are very bold to be standing there, the first non-Malay girl to be contesting for the general constituency"

With this i will attach the campaign poster. I really appreciate your support.
Quote : " When Barrack Obama can be the first black man to enter the White House, I don't think that it is impossible to win this with your support."

Dont forget to vote on the 28th of October in your respected village cafetarias from 9 am to 5 pm.

Candidate #5 , vote for me if you want to see changes .

Friday, October 23, 2009

Latest update

Hi there guys .. I am not much of a blogger , but here it goes ...

Well to be frank, I am a simple person with many visions and dreams to be realized. The most prominent of them is to make a difference in software development in depth. So setting career aside , let's talk about what makes me , 'Me' :)

Currently I am doing my degree in Information Communication Technology and I am in my Second Year First Semester in Petronas University of Technology. Generally I am a team worker and I cope quite fine with pressure. My believe is , to be a good leader , it is not only important to know how to lead but also to be a good follower. Other than that , I also believe in every failure that I encounter, brings me a step closer to success. We are born as plain white porcelains , we mould ourselves to be what we are. Which means we are the ones who choose our destiny. Another fact about myself is , I detest monopolization and also rat races. In this case holding on too much to what we have rather than giving others room for opportunity.

Since my foundation years , I believe in only joining events that I have interest in joining and gaining experiences. Like wise I can say that , I didn't force myself into events just for the sake of fame or certificates. Well that's me. To name some of the events that and clubs that I really commit to are, Syntech Organisation. This is an organisation not only for the Technology students but also for anyone whom are interested to develop their skills in management and also cyber advancement. I am currently in the Finance and Business division of this club. The activities that this club has been carrying out are UTP Electronic Sports Competition , SEEDTech , CIS Dean's List Dinner and in future we also going to organise a technological symposium. Other than being the High committee in the events that this club carry out, I also have joined the Freshies Orientation Week ( MAS) July 09 and May 09. Throughout the orientation week , I contributed as the Head for Food and Beverages Department . Some of my tasks were collaborating with the management to try to provide a mass amount of food and refreshments for the freshies and VIPs. Other events that I have tried out are EDX , Photofest , MPPUTP HOST , TEC 07 and 08 , Rotaract , Rotaract Installation Dinner- head of F&B and also attending conventions such as Leadership Summits.

Two years studying in UTP have taught me a lot. One of the major things I have observed so far is how the student body in UTP work. When we freshly entered this University , we came from diverse states , countries and cultures. In the beginning we mingle and get to know our friends no matter what background they come from. But if we haven't realised, as time passed and also the hectic study schedules began , we drifted away from our aesthetics. My hopes are that we should realise that there is lack of integration in us. As a matter of fact , in our schooling days we learned the meaning of unity and even practised it. Why is it so hard to do so now ? That is the motion that I am bringing for this election. This is the hope that I have. My manifesto isn't a lengthy one , but I belief that it is a meaningful one:

the agenda that I'll point out would be :
  • Closing the gap between the SRCUTP and also the students
  • Integrating all students of UTP no matter what background we come from

You may ask me why I want to stand for the elections this time, well my answer is simple , I just want make a difference and to break the mindset of the students currently. It is all about a paradigm shift.